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Founded in the UNITED STATES 


To transform customer relations internationally and to elevate and distinguish the careers of thousands of professionals who work directly and indirectly with the final consumer.  

Our dream began at Harvard University 

WCES is a high-level Business Education Company that was inspired at Harvard University and established at Silicon Slopes in Utah, USA.  Our aim is to strategically support companies in optimizing their relationship with their consumers and to train the professionals who serve them.

WCES, which was introduced to Brazil with the support of the U.S. Government (U.S. Commercial Service) in 2019, is aligned with the requirements of the new economy, with market best practices, and with the academic strategy of universities in the United States.   


WCES was inspired within the walls of Harvard University in the Corporate Strategy course.  

Our Values

We are founded on Science.

Learning about customers is a serious matter! In our academic history, practice and global vision, we are recognized for being founded on science, facts & data, and practical experience. Zero informality.     

'' I AM WCES”. The movement that sustains us.

Purpose First! The '' I AM WCES '' movement is shared with companies and students who seek high-level training with a genuine desire to transform consumer relations, making them more humanized. This movement is stamped on hundreds of 'linkedIn covers' and smartphone wallpapers. Join us!

Our Customers are not defined by Titles

CX, CS, Customer Service? You can leave those titles at the door. WCES was designed in the cradle of Strategy (Harvard Business School) and has its Headquarters in Utah, the Startup HUB of the USA. We see goodwill and do not label people by their functions. Everyone needs to understand consumer science, so we say, “Welcome aboard, and serve the best you can!”

Our team members’ hands are occupied with books and stained with grease

Every WCES team member around the world undergoes a demanding selection process, something we are very proud of! We highly value each person’s practical experience and legacy! How can you train without knowing? How can you live without breathing? We don’t care about fashion - we value contribution. Our character has been developed through challenges and many years of experience.  


Our business and growth plan in the United States was conceived back when our founder was studying at Harvard in 2015. The details of this plan were added at Stanford University in California in 2018. WE HAVE NO COMPETITORS. We are always looking ahead, with well-established beliefs and convictions. 


Our greatest value? Our SOUL and the CARE of our clients and friends.

Strategic Location


WCES está no berço da inovação, das novas idéias, do crescimento econômico exponencial e das MELHORES práticas de gestão dos EUA. Isso contribuirá com o pensamento criativo do aluno que será estimulado à pensar sempre no seu desenvolvimento pessoal e profissional.

Aeroporto Internacional mais pontual dos EUA

Aeroporto Internacional mais pontual dos EUA

Taxa de geração de empregos 2X maior do que todos os EUA

Menor Taxa de Desemprego dos Estados Unidos (3,4%)

A Matriz da WCES está ha cidade de Orem, estado de Utah. Hoje, é a região que mais cresce nos EUA e hospeda as 'novas startups'. Te acordo com a Revista Forbes, Utah (casa de WCES) está em 1º lugar em perspectivas econômicas desde 2008. Tem hoje, a menor taxa de desemprego de todos os EUA e é considerado por todo o mundo, o melhor 'local em desenvolver negócios e startups companies'.

Utah construíu uma dinastia no mundo das Startups ultrapassando Nova Iorque e São Francisco (The Washington Post)

utah brochure.jpg

A World Class Faculty 

IMG_2343 7.JPG

       Expert in Innovation by Stanford (USA)           

       and Strategy by Harvard (USA),


       One of Brazil’s most renowned speakers on 


       Executive with experience in Brazil and Europe   

       and recognized by the Brazilian press as one

       of the most accomplished professional in this 


       Trained in Switzerland and one of the first in 

       implementing the Net Promoter Score (NPS)

       methodology in Brazilian retail.  

       Author of the book "Relationship Marketing and 

       Loyalty Programs '' available in BRA and USA;

Picture: Personal Archive

Harvard Business School - EUA

Thiago Quintino  - Founder WCES USA

Sao Paulo/BRA

  • LinkedIn ícone social

Graduated from BYU (Brigham Young University) in Business Management and Latin American Studies. Lives in the state of Utah (USA)

International High Performance Coach, with experience in fast-growing Startup Companies in Silicon Slopes, USA.  

Human behavior specialist and fluent in three languages (English, Spanish and Portuguese).

Recognized for his strategic thinking and expressive results through Corporate Mindset change. Current PRIMARY focus is with U.S. companies.  

Marco Lopez  - Co-Founder WCES USA

Utah/United States of America 


Picture: Personal Archive

We are very proud of our students

Where are we going? 

All of WCES’s steps have been taken carefully and with a great deal of strategic vision.  We have a very big dream: to train professionals who will transform consumer relations throughout the United States, Brazil and the rest of the world. For us, the Customer Experience is much more than KPIs or a survival strategy for companies.  It is a Movement that inspires respect and dignity for all people. More importantly than customers, they are human beings.   


This is the I AM WCES Movement. Join Us


I am WCES | Established in USA

                            Expert in BRA

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