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The WCES Career Strategy Program

2021, Limited Availability

Your career requires focus and a lot of strategy 

reach your goals with wces 

Strategy is the registered trademark of WCES in the World.

Success in Brazil and in the USA in 2020 led to the development of the UNPRECEDENTED Career Strategy Program by the founders of WCES, assisting several professionals from varied professions and academic backgrounds in both Brazil and the USA. Through LIVE sessions, individual or group, our founders will gain an understanding of where you are currently in your life, and will strategically help you design your life and career plan. This is not advice! This is execution with professionals with proven ability and international experience.


Through a method developed in Silicon Slopes, home of WCES in the USA, you will be able to see your goals and priorities clearly and get all the tools and tactics to progress and leverage your strengths in your career.

This is not advice, nor self-help! It’s strategy.  

An unprecedented program in Brazil.


strategic goals 

In this stage, we’ll help you set a strategic goal for your career, a necessary foundation. 


Strike new paths 

WCES will help you discover new paths and alternatives for reaching your big goal. Here, developing expertise is your focus. 


Massive execution 

Execution! In this stage, WCES will analyze your execution with a focus on immediate results. 


Stay On Track

Your success strategy is defined and your new route is mapped!

You must not lose focus. Let's Go!

Transformed Lives and Careers in Brazil and USA 

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“The WCES Career Strategy Program has transformed my personal and professional life! The clarity, the focus and the flawless guidance has helped me reach levels I never would have imagined.”

Rita Midori

Azul Linhas Aéreas 

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I wish I could scream from the rooftops how much EVERYONE needs this Program. I can honestly say that no matter what is happening around me, I no longer let I control me and keep me from feeling  joy, happiness and pace. My business and life drastically improved because this Strategic Program   


Carrie Harris, MBA

President, Aspire Worldwide 

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WCES opened my eyes to see things in a different way. With the training, I was able to learn where my mind runs away and how to get it, back on track. I am grateful for WCES and the tools it provided me to improve my thinking 


Ryan Tuttle

Insurance Agent, Farm Bureau

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Juliana Saraiva

Banco Itaú 

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“The WCES career strategy program has been just what I’ve needed at this point in my career. Amid so many options and uncertainties, I can now say that I am clear about my potential and my opportunities. I feel very happy and honored to be participating in this process.”


Elaine Mazzon


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As a business owner, I always had trouble with working on the business and not in the business. 

This Program taught me better techniques for leaving my worries behind, and now I can make decision without loosing sleep at night and better lead my company


Mark Walkenhorst

Owner, Flat Top Bookkeeping

"Working on my career strategy with WCES has allowed me to reflect on my background in a totally different way, opening my mind and changing my mindset, preparing me to face new challenges and continue to grow."


This is proof of what I feel about this subject: transformation happens from the inside out!

Transform your career with wces

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